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The Advantages of Enterprise-Style Automation

Many oil & gas companies grow by acquisition, buying assets with disparate automation technologies.

Some O&G companies stand up point-source solutions to address issues within a particular asset.

Little thought or planning is given to how the data can be leveraged at the enterprise level.

This is a natural pattern to follow, however it leads to the dreaded “Islands of Automation and Stranded Data”.

Islands of Automation usually take about 10 years to develop and $20 million of spend before it becomes unmanageable and very expensive to support.  The cost to the corporation in locating and exploiting the stranded data is probably 5 times the $20 million hard spend.

NuPath Consulting specializes in guiding companies directly to an enterprise automation model and converting from an island of automation model.

Leveraging automation data throughout the enterprise for more accurate, more timely decision-making gives a competitive advantage to organization’s that adopt an enterprise automation model.

NuPath has a proven methodology to quickly move organizations to an enterprise-style automation model and unlock the value of automation data.


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